You know you're getting old when a lot of things you owned are considered classics now.

My first car - a 1965 Dodge Dart
Classic Dodge Dart cars: from 1960 to 1981
Four barrel carburator, hurst shifter, dual breaker point distributer for high RPM performance, ...
I had mine from 1965 to 1978 with close to 200,000 miles.
See Car Talk's Tom Magliozzi's 1963 Dart
Don't believe Tom's brother, Ray's, description in the above link.
The 1966 dart was successful in Trans/AM racing.
In 2013 Chrysler resurrected the Dodge Dart .

L.L. Bean Lounger - Popular '70s and '80s. According to Red Clay Soul they brought them back with "Main Hunting Shoe" on the back, but I can't find them in their 2016 catalogue.
Privetta Muir Trail hiking boots - Early 70's
First light weight leather hiking boot.
Still in demand on ebay.
Look Nevada ski bindings (1950-1990) - Was the first recognizably modern alpine ski binding. The step-in heel was introduced in 1962. Suzuki TS-185 dirt-bike - Early 70's. It was small and light like a 125cc bike, but with power closer to a 250cc bike.
Head Yahoo 2 skis - In 1974 head pioneered the concept of a short (180 cm), wide ski with more (by standards back then) sidecut (7 mm), softer tip flex for moguls and carving, .... It made sense to me, but my ski friends said they were unstable and real skiers used 195 cm and above skis. It took 15 years for the concept to become popular and now (2012) most skis are shaped (more sidecut) and skied in shorter lengths.
I originally had my look nevada bindings on them, but put telemark bindings on them a few years ago and still use them. They are great tele skis.
The Yahoo's were listed as "Dream finds on Ebay" in 2011 at

Atari 800 1980 $1,000  Apple IIe 1983 $1,395
Ram: 8-48 K             64K-1M          
CPU: 1.8 MHz 6502       1 MHz 6502  
Macintosh 512 1985 $2,795 (2nd version of the mac)
8 MHz 68000 CPU,
512 K Ram
TRS-80 Model 100 (1983) by Tandy sold at Radio Shack.
$1,099 (8K)-1,399 (24K)| 8 lines, 40 char. LCD | Intel 80C85 @ 2.4 MHz
Built-in 300 baud modem. I got it at work when we were trying to standardize on personal computers which would be supported in AT&T. It became the standard for news reporters filing stories from the field.
Advent 2W speakers early 70s
Advent was Henry Kloss's 3rd speaker company after Acoustic Research (AR) and KLH.
Kloss started building his own speakers while a student at MIT.
(Aside: Amir Bose built his own speakers while a professor at MIT and went on to start the Bose speaker company.)
My first speakers I built from a kit.
See The 12 Most Significant Loudspeakers of All Time

Dual 1237 Turntable:  Comment from
It is actually one of the more priceless turntables from the high end days of the late 70's and early 80's. Better than most Duals.

Adidas Stan Smith leather tennis shoes
Introduced in the early 70's
I got mine in the 80s
22 million pairs sold as of 1988
Reissued in 2014 in several colors
as a fashion shoe.

T. A. Davis wooden tennis rackets were famous for their artistic design and patented cross-grain laminated construction. I had a blackstreak (1966) then got classic II (1974) from a semi-pro player who had been #1 at U. Mich.

1998 Jeep Wrangler (TJ - Tough Jeep) (1997-2005) with classic Rubicon (Trail) Ready modifications. (Dana 44 rear end, ARB lockers, 3 1/2" lift with Rubicon Express Long arm suspension, Atlas Transfer Case, Sway bar disconnect, 35" tires.) Listed on

Opinel No. 8 'Carbone' - French knife-maker OPINEL has been making knives since 1890. The No. 8 is the most popular size. I've had mine for over 40 years. I keep it in the kitchen, but also take it on camping trips along with my Swiss Army Knife.

Alpine Designs leather bottom day pack late 1960s-70s
Pass-through slots behind side pockets for carrying skis or tools.

First Edition Classic Books and Catalogs:
Backpacking Great Pacific Iron Works Basic Rockcraft 18th CRC Handbook Whole Earth Bible 1968 Catalogues 1972 1978 Royal Robbins of Chemistry and Physics Catalog 1971 My Dad's 1935 copy
I still have the Yahoo Skis, Adidas tennis shoes, TRS-80 Model 100 laptop, LL Bean Loungers and Advent speakers, Opinel knife, Alpine Designs day pack. Selling the Dual turntable.
Tom has the Muir Trail boots and Suzuki motorcycle and some of the books, including his Grandfather's CRC handbook that he had at UC Davis 70 years before Tom was a grad student there.
See also family heirlooms.
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