I grew up in Citrus Heights, CA, moved to the Bay Area (San Francisco, Berkeley) early in my career and then spent 45 years in New Jersey and now live in Davis, CA where 5 generations of my family have lived.

I lost my wife, Joanna Chien , to cancer in December 1996. Our son, Thomas, got married in 2011. See information about he and Brooke at my page on their wedding.
See Family.

I am a fourth generation Californian transplanted to New Jersey where some of my G-G-G-...Grandparents lived during the Revolution. Most of my ancestors are listed at "Early California Families".

My family has been Presbyterian for more generations than I can count. For 1988 to 2018 I was a member of The Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church, where I served on the Board of Trustees, Deacons, youth group leader, assistant sunday school teacher, singles group leader, 2 Honduras school mission trips, 2 Katrina clean up/rebuilding trips. 3 Hurricane Sandy cleanup at NJ Shore

I grew up in the First Presbyterian Church of Roseville History now Centerpoint Community Church. I was the 5th generation in my family to be a member.

I retired after 33 years in the IT side of the telecom business (Pacific Bell, Bell Labs, AT&T, Bellcore, Telcordia Technologies and some consulting.). Retired in 2002

I got a BS degree from UC Davis
and a MS degree in Management Science from Haas School at Cal.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) : ISFP Early Adopter 3%


  • Service Trips with Liberty Corner Church - twice to Bay St. Louis LA for Hurricane Katrina cleanup 2005, 2006
  • Hurricane Sandy Cleanup NJ Shore 2015, 16
  • Church building in La Entrada Honduras with Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church 2000, 2002
  • Somerset County Food Bank 1998-2004
  • Martinsville Rescue Squad 2006-2014
  • Raritan Valley Sierra Club group Chairman 2006-2008
  • California Nevada Sierra Club outings leader 2003-2015
  • NJ Chapter of the Sierra Club executive committee
  • NJ Representative to Sierra Summit - Sierra Club National Environmental Convention and Expo - 2005
  • NJ Sierra Club rep to Climate Crisis Action 2007 Wash. DC
  • UC Davis Arboretum Maintenance 2020-
  • Amateur Computer Group of NJ executive committee

Awards - Leadership

Sierra Club Pages:
  The Raritan Valley Group in New Jeresey
  Copies of pages I've created for an internal Sierra Club site for outings leaders:
  Clair Tappaan Lodge and Hiking at Donner Summit
  Marin Hiking

I am an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) and former member of the Martinsville Rescue Squad.



  • Gardening, Genealogy.
  • Web Page Development: (e.g. Genealogy, Local History, Lake Tahoe West Shore)
  • Volunteer work at church Deacons, Trustees,
    Service Trips:
    La Entrada Honduras for our Hearts for Honduras School - Picture of Pedro and I.)
    Bay St. Louis Miss. for Katrina Cleanup.
    The Food Bank Network of Somerset Co.
  • Sierra Club:
    I have been a Sierra Club member for over 35 years participating in outings from the Sierra Nevada and Appalachian mountains to Tibet. I have been on the New Jersey Raritan Valley Group executive committee since 2001 serving as group chair in 2006 and 2008 and am currently on the state chapter exec comm.
    I am also a member of the California-Nevada Outings subcommittee where I have lead outings in the Sierra Nevada and Marin County (Muir Woods, Mt. Tamalpais, Pt. Reyes) and Appalachian Trail for the last 8 years.

    I lead a statewide effort to revise the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities Rules for Vegetation Management which increased cutting of trees to up to 6 times the distance from wires as specified in Federal guidelines. It has resulted in revised rules to be published later this year.
    I also attended Wilderness Week in Washington DC in 2007 and with a native Alaskan successfully lobbied my congressman, Rep. Mike Ferguson (R), to support the ban on oil drilling in ANWAR.

  • Sports:
    I also play tennis, snow ski (downhill, cross country and telemark) and play 9 holes of golf occasionally to prepare for our church golf outing (the only time I play 18 holes).

    Football is my favorite spectator sport and touch football was my favorite intramural sport which I played in college and a company league. See my favorite players and teams.

    I jog for aerobic exercise and in 2013 a friend shamed me into joining a local 5K a preliminary even prior to the Tour of Somerville Memorial Day bike race, the oldest major bicycle race in the United States and a legend in the lore of bicycle racing.
    I came in 2nd in a field of 4 people in my age group.
    I said that was it for competitive running and retired. But a friend talked me into training with her for a half marathon. See my blog.
    In 2015 my friend asked me to join her again. See our workout log.

  • Hiking and Camping - Brief Resume

  • Racism

  • Where I've lived:
    • 1944-1966 5932 Antelope Rd., Citrus Heights, CA
    • 1966-1967 Stayed at home for my first job at Pacific Bell in Sacramento
    • 1967-1970 San Francisco for Pacific Bell
        Residence Club Post St
        Crestline Dr. Twin Peaks
        ?? Twin Peaks
    • 1970-1972 Berkeley for Grad School
    • 1972-1978 - N. Plainfield, NJ for Bell Labs
    • 1978-2018 - Martinsville, NJ after marrying Joanna and having Thomas
      Our Martinsville House
    • 2018 - Davis, CA - Back home to be near family in retirement
Classic Stuff I've owned

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