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Most of the social networking sites above are placeholders that I use infrequently.
This is a site where I put interesting information I've run across or researched over the last 30 years. It's taken various forms from files on CompuServe (a dial-up service in the 80's), to hypercard on AOL and now the web. Some pages are a cursory summary of a newspaper article and others may be the most comprehensive site on the Web.
Subjects range from religion and politics to cloud computing and hiking trails in the Sierra Nevada.
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Our genealogy page, "N. California Settlers", is at:

I am a fourth generation Californian; all my grandparents were born in California.
Ancestors and cousins include Mayfower passengers, Indian traders, revolutionary war veterans, Presbyterian ministers, one who was the president of the college of New Jersey now Princeton and another who was a friend of Benjamin Franklin who hosted Thomas Jefferson when he worked on the Declaration of Independence, the developer of the bing cherry, perfector of the telegraph, one of the men who donated Boston Commons to the city and according to Admiral Stout's book on the history of the Finleys, MacBeth. We have statues, monuments and streets named after our ancestors.


Most of these are placeholders in case I find any use for them. I don't post to them regularly.

Facebook: - I got suckered into this by family and friends. See my opinion of facebook at donsnotes
Google+: - I like this better than facebook, but everyone else is on facebook.
Twitter:!/donsnotes I only signed up to get the Tahoe National Forest Fire alerts. Maybe I'll use it for something else someday.
Linkedin - I signed up when I was looking for part time work after an early retirement. I now have enough work just keeping track of all these web pages.
Evernote: - Where I put meeting notes and other info. for friends. It syncs my 7" samsung galaxy android tablet with my home computer.
Tumblr: - Typically used for blogs. I can't blog because of my wide range of contacts. My moderate political and religious views are guaranteed to upset friends on both sides. I may start a discussion of why so may people are abandoning the middle.
Picasa: My picasa photos are in my google+ account
Flickr: - Photos
YouTube: - Video - Pinboard - Share photos - links ... and allow people to comment.

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