Louden Thomas Babineau-McBride 2014-2014
Louden Thomas Babineau-McBride was born prematurely on May 16, 2014 after 5 months and did not survive his birth.
Even though he did not spend time in this crazy world out of the comfort of Brook's womb, he is loved and missed very much by his parents and grandparents.

He will be loved and nurtured by his Grandmother, Joanna Chien joanna mei yu Chien, Chien Mei Yu, 簡 美 玉, who left this earth in 1996, the way she loved and nurtured Louden's father, Thomas.

A star in Orion's arm was named for him by Brooke and Tom's friends from the
UC Davis Pleiades 2004 National Champion Women's Ultimate Frisbee Team.
Louden's star is at RA 5h13m53s, dec 03°55'