I was moving from a 4,000 square foot house with a full basement to a 1,300 square foot partially furnished house with no basement and had 28 years of accumulated stuff I had to get rid of.
Here are some of the over 125 items I had to get rid of, including some items my realtor told me I needed to buy to show the house.
This doesn't include books, encyclopedias, clothing, 4 beds, bedding, kitchen utensils, Christmas decorations, food, fertilizer, paint, oil, lumber, and other building supplies I kept for home repair projects.
I gave these to the friends, the thrift store, library, food bank, goodwill, and neighbors at several garage sales with a lot of free stuff.
It took 2 years with listings on craigslist, garage sales, freecycle, donations to lupus and the veterans association who come around and pick up a variety of things.
I gave up trying to sell furnature on craigslist and even the thrift stores and other charitable organizations wouldn't take a lot of it. One charitable organization told me they had run out of room for dining room sets in their warehouse and had them on their loading dock. I also gave away the piano and in the process of moving it my wedding ring which had been lost for 30 years fell out.
An estate sale dealer told me it didn't pay to hire them unless you hade more than $5,000-$10,000 worth of things.