Electricity and Gas PSE&G: (800) 436-7734
Heating and Air Conditioning:  C&C Air and Heat (732) 495-0600

Garbage pickup - 
Recycling & Solid Waste Management | Somerset County

Garage Door Opener

If it malfunctions - Pull electric cord out of plug in the ceiling
Disconnect motors by pushing lever at the end of the red cord
 on each side up.
It can then be opened manually.
Door companies in NJ don't know how to fix it.
  You have to call Miracle (below).

Miracle Instruments Co. Garage Door Opener

Snow Removal
Bill Toeplitz.   Integrated Landscaping 908-623-6630 also 908-252-1157.  
Does Susan's driveway next door.
May be slow - He does commercial customers first.
If there is a large snow the township plows will make a large berm at the end of
 the driveway, so  if you need your car you need to get it out before they come
 or be prepared for some heavy shoveling.
Susan Ingram - next house on Merriam  (732) 469-7774
Chris and Pam McCarthy - house across Merriam Dr. - (732) 302-1535
Chris is a contractor.

House Stuff:

Heating and Cooling
2 systems - upstairs and downstairs
Thermostats are in the Living Room and Master Bedroom
Use the buttons on the right for manual control
Press hold (Hold) should appear on the screen to leave in manual mode

Honeywell - FocusPRO 6000 Manual
!st floor wiring diagram | 2nd floor wiring diagram

The outdoor lights colored orange in the diagram above can also be controlled thru a wink hub 2 with the wink app

      Switches by stairs to basement                         Back door Switches

The little blue LED on lights controllable thru wink indicates the light is off (It's for finding the switch in the dark). The LED is only on 1 of the 3-way switches. The green LED on the switch plate by the basement door indicates the garage door lights are on.

There is underground wiring for both
 Cablevision (Optimum) (coaxial cable)
 And Verizon FIOS (fiber)
Verizon FIOS
In case of a power outage you may have to push the reset switch on the battery.
The green light on the power supply stays on even though it is not suppling power. Open the door

TV - Stereo Wiring

Note: This is a diagram showing connections if you were getting TV from FIOS.
You connect your TV to the set top box and a DVD or other TV input device.
You could take the output from the TV and distribute it to other rooms.

Right now the cable going to the family room is from the Amplifier/Splitter 
which is sending a signal from the antenna in the attic.

Wall Speakers in Family Room

Instruction Manuals  are in the center cabinet drawer across from the refrigerator.

Intercom: - Speakers at front door and garage door
Press "Door on" to listen
Press "Door on" and "Talk" to talk

Last updated 8/31/18