last updated 12 Jan 2019
This is a house in the Sunrise District (East Davis) I'm renting from my Daughter-in-Law and her parents.
After 45 years in New Jersey working for Bell Labs, AT&T, and their spinoffs I'm moved back to California, where I grew up in 2018.

I was thinking of moving to someplace in the Sierra Nevada mountains to get away from the valley heat, but when my daughter-in-law offered me a deal to rent it, if they could store some furniture they had in storage when they had to downsize to live in San Francisco where she and Tom worked.
After thinking about it it made sense. My Mother, Grandparents and Great Grandparents had lived on the farm my Great Grandfather, Jonathan Sikes established in the Tremont District 4 miles South of Davis in 1869. 5 generations of the Sikes family have lived here if you count Tom's time in grad school at UC Davis, (My Father and I also attended UCD).

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babineau, mcbride, house   babineau, mcbride, house

The front yard was mostly weeds after 5 or 6 years of rentals.
The late summer weeds have roots over 1 foot long to get water in the dry conditions.
        Before           Drought tolerant design in progress

I was able to consolidate some family Heirlooms from various places and give them a home.

Police officer shot Jan 11, 2019