Arran Scotland , Isle of Arran, Scotland

Painted by Maud Chase a P.E.O.1 sister of Agnes McBride Sprague. It was painted from a slide taken by Edgerton Sprague in 1951, at a location near the Lagg Hotel about two miles from where Agnes' father Thomas McBride was born in Shannoche, Isle of Arran, Scotland in 1839.

My story about the Lagg Hotel:
In 1976, my girlfriend and future wife and I, stayed at the Lagg Hotel when visiting McBride relatives.
My cousin, Robbie McBride, recommended it because the owners mother was renting a McBride house.
In 2012 or 13 I visited Scottish Gormet near where I lived in New Jersey and was talking to the owner. It turns out her husband was the owner of the Lagg hotel. Small world. They've since moved the business to North Carolina.

1. P.E.O. - A philanthropic organization for the advancement of women.