last updated 23 Aug 2021

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Spine Trail (Sully's Trail): 7 miles out and back, 1,358 ft. elevation gain
Fitzgerald Marine Bluff Trail (Moss Beach Trail, Cypress Grove) 1 mi. loop
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See Moss Beach at Donsnotes for more (Sites, trails, ...)

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Arthur approves.

Living space 1,550 sf - 1/7 acre
Purchased Feb, 2021

House Pictures | Compass

Seton Coastside Hospital - 650 563-7100
600 Marine Blvd., Moss Beach

Coastside Fire Protection District 650 728-3022
501 Stetson St, Moss Beach, CA

Moss Beach, CA: A Nature-Filled Getaway
Fitzgerald Marine Reserve | Santa Monica Co. Parks Department
Seal Cove Cypress Tree Tunnel in Moss Beach, CA
Seal Cove Inn $400 per night